Jaguar Restoration Services


The XK8, or XK100 have been recently put into the Jaguar Heritage and vehicles can be easily obtained at a low price in a range of different conditions. Over the past few years we have seen an increase in customers buying XK8’s as a modern classic looking to fully restore them to a former glory . From minor repairs so the car is back to a maintainable condition to full restorations , we can do what ever is needed, while keeping to what ever budget you have in mind.


 Some of our restorations have been brought back to amazing conditions and entered into Jaguar owners clubs competitions.

we can help in every way from buying , technical advice , to restoring or setting a step by step plan of your xk8 and what is required .


If your looking for any information or advice we would always suggest speaking to other owners of xk8 . This club will help in any way they can.

Jaguar XK8 interior restoration
Jaguar XK8 Exterior Restoration