Jaguar Performance Upgrade Services


Horner & Hudsons has become one of the top names in maintaining Jaguars throughout cheshire , manchester and the north-west and with this we realized that our customers wanted Jaguar performance upgrades carried out by professional Technicians who knew there Jaguars inside and out.

Performance Exhausts

Our Performance exhaust are hand built and can be custom built to your specifications. We have developed exhaust parts that can increase performance and enhance exhaust notes. Our Xk x150 back box has been created to give customers a high end performance product which will keep within set budgets .


Using top end equipment like powerflex bushes and performance shockers and springs we can create the exact look and feel you require for your Jaguar . including lowering , stiffening or just more responsive , we’re happy to discuss and advise on options for you.

Jaguar Performance Brake Upgrades
Jaguar Performance Exhaust Systems


From EBC to Alcon we can supply what ever you desire . With increased performance braking Upgrades are always recommended.


An area we see performance companies seem to forget cooling plays a major part in how your engine reacts to new performance enhancements and can be the difference between engines running perfectly to blown pipes , gaskets or serious damage of engine components.

Air Filtration

Using performance air filters is a simple way of increasing performance and is easily carried out.

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